Polystyrene PS – plastic of polyolefin group which has special thermoplastic abilities. The plastic is used in various ways in industry. Polystyrene is a material which is hard but fragile and of low elasticity. Due to its relatively low softing temperature and low viscosity PS, it is perfect for injection forming which is used to create small objects of the most complicated shapes. Because of its very low weight and good price it is used as glazed surface for doors. We offer sheets of smooth, prismatic surfaces. Also, we can emboss a pattern.




  • Very low weight
  • Light transmission 89%
  • Low water absorption
  • Easy thermal and mechanic processing
  • Good price(if compared withPMMA, PET, PC)
  • Low resistance on weather conditions



  • Indoor advertising boards
  • Decorative elements and stands’ constructions
  • Safe glazed surface for inside doors, cabinets, pictures
  • Shower cabins



  • Colourless 1250x2150 mm (#1 mm), 1500x2000 mm the rest of the colours
  • Antireflex 1250x2150mm
  • opalescent 2000x3050 mm
  • ornament 1500x2000 mm
  • prismatic1250x2500, 1300x2500



  • colourless 1÷5 mm
  • Antireflex 1÷1,5 mm
  • opalescent 2÷3 mm
  • ornament 2,5/2,25 mm
  • prismatic 2,5 mm




  • colourless, opalescent
  • Ornaments: impala, manta, sierra
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