Polyethylene PE – thermoplastic polymer which belongs to polyolefin group. The different parameters of processes of manufacturing (temperature, pressure, catalyst) result in creating different polymers (of different size of molecules and density). In our offer we have a polythene of “high density” group: PE 300, PE 500, PE1000.



  • Chemical resistance
  • High resistance on weather
  • Physiologically safe
  • High elasticity
  • Impact resistance
  • Easy mechanical processing
  • Joining elements by welding (with bars of PE)



  • Production: bars, rods, tanks, installations
  • Playground equipment
  • Washable ceilings and
  • Cables’ covers
  • Sieve
  • Bumper
  • Tank covering, silos covering, vessels’ hold
  • Gibes, profiles, battens
  • Sprocket wheel, gears
  • Food containers


  • Sheets 1000x2000 mm, 1500x3000 mm, 2000x4000 mm
  • Roller 8÷300 mm
  • Playground sheets 1220x2440 mm



  • Sheets 1÷100 mm
  • Playground sheets 6,3÷19 mm




  • Sheets: natural, gray, black, green
  • Rollers: natural, black, gray, green
  • Playground sheets: blue, yellow, red, green, beige, black, gray, etc.
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