We specialise in the projecting and creation of POS (point of sale). They can be made from plastic, metal, plywood, wood and many others. In our offer we have stands, cosmetic displays, agencies, candyboxes, advertising stands, coffers, lightboxes, shelfiners, dividers. Also, some of our products are suitable for safe food keeping, such as closed shelving and its elements, which may be very useful in bakery. They are made of PMMA and PETG.
    What is more, we produce more complex constructions, for instance machine covers (plexi, polycarbonate, vivak), marine windows, and washboards. In our offer we also have the elements of interior decoration(LED lightening can be used), such as acrylic furniture: cupboards, cabinets, chairs, stools, tables, etc.
Upon our customers demand, we carry out all kind of projects, even those the most unusual and challenging.
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