High Impact Polystyrene – (High Impact Polystyrene) polystyrene which is modified by butadiene rubber BR. Thanks to the rubber, the plastic’s impact resistance and thermoforming abilities increase. If compared with Polystyrenepolistyrenem PS HIPS has lower breaking strength, light transmission and hardness. It is recommended for indoor usage.




  • Very low weight
  • High impact resistance
  • Many colours
  • Easy thermal and mechanic processing
  • Good Price
  • Low resistance on weather conditions



  • POS
  • Indoor advertising boards
  • Decorative elements and stands’ constructions
  • Light boxes
  • Indoor decorations for refrigerated counters and fridges
  • Packages
  • Pallets for transport purposes
  • Electric devices’ covers
  • Flower display cases



  • 1000x2000 mm, 2050x3050 mm (2 mm white and Black)



  • colourless 0,25÷5 mm




  • White, black, opalescent, yellow, green, blue, red, silver, silver and gold mirror