Copolymer reaction of styrene and acolyte results in creating styrene acrylonitrile, which is a thermoplastic material. It can be characterised as a material of medium mechanical and chemical resistance. If compared with PMMA SAN has low light transmission but high scratch resistance. Also, it has a good price.




  • Very low weight
  • Low light transmission
  • medium impact resistance
  • Easy thermal and mechanic processing
  • Good price(if compared withPMMA, PET, PC)




  • Covers for household appliances
  • Bathroom accessories
  • cosmetic packaging
  • Fridge equipment
  • Lighter, pens
  • Pot handle



  • 1250x2500x1 mm
  • 2000x3050x1,5 mm
  • 2030x3050x 2(2,5) mm
  • 2050x3050x3÷5 mm



  • 1÷5 mm




  • Colourless, prismatic
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